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    Jiangsu Huakang Medical Plastic Inc. is a member of Chinese Medical Plastic and Material Association. The company is located in the Taixing city, across by the Beijin-Shanghai, Nanjin-Shanghai highway, and the NewChang railway. We are well accessible and within two hours travel distance from Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Changzhou. The company covers a total area of 30850 m2, with 11659 m2 floor area.
      Huakang has two medical PVC production lines (annual production capability of 1200 tons), one compound medical hard film production line (PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE) (1000 tons/year), and one medical compound film production line (1000 tons/year).
      In order to take advantage of our professionalism, after been authorized by regulation department, we formed the “Taixing Hengyuan Huakang Medical Plastic Inc.”. We also perform technical improvement in production line by introducing advanced techniques, equipments, and recruiting professionals in the field. In 2007, we pass the Grade I medical plastic materials certification from the National Association of Food and Medical products. Hengyuan Huakang Inc is specialized in fabricating medical PET/VMPET/PE compound films (bags).
    Jiangsu Huakang passed the Grade I Nation regulation for medical material production. We are equipped with a 10,000 class clean room, state of the art quality control and monitoring equipments. Most of our people have more than 15 years relating work experience. Our manager and technicians all have university level degree and certification in related fields.
    Our products are sold to and very popular in China as well as Southeast Asia. We also won the Jiangsu Good Products price, the Gold Medal of the first Chinese science and technique exhibition, The Gold Medal of the first Chinese high technique exhibition, the Silver Medal of the fifth Asia-Pacific international exhibition. Our light-proof PVC sheet and PVC/PE/PVDC compound sheet won the National new product honor. Our PVC/PE/PVDC also won the third price in Science Advancement from Ministry of Education. Our brand “Huakang” is the honored as “Famous Brand in the city of Taixing”.
    Our goal is to be the best company and the best brand by treating the quality control and customer as our priority. The Chairman Mr. SUN Haojie and all members sincerely welcome every customer.
    We will always provide the best service and products for customers all over the world.


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